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check your aadhar card status online at uidai gov

Check Your Aadhar Card Status Inquiry on Uidai.gov.in

After complying with the procedures in applying for the Aadhar Card each individual has a responsibility of knowing the status of the card. This is very much required as the 12-digit Unique Identification Card, or UID is very important for all the citizens all over the country for proper identification. This card is also important in availing some facilities in respect of welfare services provided by the Government authority. Now to know the status of the Aadhar Card an individual has more than one option. The Aadhar Card status can be easily determined by using the online internet portals of UIDAI Gov. The Status can also be known through one’s mobile by SMS. To Check your Aadhar Status, Both SMS and Online portals are convenient and very simple.

This Article Contains Following Details :

  • Online Aadhar card status from uidai gov website
  • Aadhar card status Inquiry BY SMS
  • Aadhar card status By Name
  • Enrollment Number Search By Name
  • Aadhar Card Status Inquiry Phone Number / Help Line Number
  • Stpes To check Aadhar Card Status Using Phone Number / By Dialing Help Line Number

check your aadhar card status online at uidai gov

Let’s Start with Online Aadhar card status Checking…

Online Aadhar Card Status checking 

Let us first see how an individual can know the status of his Aadhar Card Online using portal uidai gov. The procedure is very very simple that illiterate person with some internet knowledge can also follow this process.  By the word status we mean that your aadhar card is prepared and dispatched or not.

Check Your aadhar card status uidai gov

Step 1 : First, open the UIDAI Gov official website on the internet. (Official Site Link) Locate the section ‘Aadhar Services’. On the right-bottom of this section, one would find ‘Enrolment/Download E-aadhaar/’

On clicking on this head, Aadhar Kiosk would appear on the screen. A number of options available will be displayed along with the Enrollment and Update of Aadhar Card and check for the Aadhar Card status. One needs to select the ‘Check Aadhar Status’ which appears as the third option on the left in this page

Aadhar Card status check

On clicking on this option one would be directed to the particular page where one can easily check the status of his card

One need to provide information which is required to be entered in the blank spaces to check the status. Please note that the spaces which are marked as ‘*’ are mandatory and to proceed with the checking of Aadhar Card status one has to fill this spaces with relevant information. While one has the acknowledgment details provided by the Enrollment center the Aadhar card status can be easily checked through Aadhar URN going through the procedure step-wise. One needs to enter

  1. Enrolment ID : Enrollment ID is provided by the Enrollment Center when one had applied for the Aadhar Card which has a specific format. One is required to enter this Enrollment ID as EID(1234/12345/12345)
  2. Date and Time of Enrollment : On the next space one is required to enter the date and time of applying for the enrollment which is there in the slip given by the Enrollment Center
  3. Security Code : A Security appears that is to be entered next

Aadhar card status inquiry

After entering the requisites just click on the button as ‘Check Status’ that appears on the bottom of the screen. In case one has entered anything wrong then the option is there to reset the screen.


Check Aadhar Card Status using Mobile SMS

You can know your aadhar card status inquiry by just sending message or sms. The status of the Aadhar Card can also be known by using one’s own mobile. Let us see the how one can check the status. To check the status through the mobile phone one need to send an SMS. The text message should is as under.

UID STATUS<14 Digit Enrollment No>” and send the message to 51969. On sending the SMS, one would receive a message informing about the status of the Aadhar card. For Example, if some one’s Enrollment No is EID12341234512345 then one should send a message to 51969 as “UID STATUS12341234512345”. In this case, if Aadhar Card has been already issued then one would receive a message stating the Aadhar Card Number. Otherwise, the status of the Aadhar Card would be displayed.


Aadhar Card Status By Name & Date Of Birth

People Are frequently Asking Questions about how can anyone check aadhar card status if he/she has information of name and date of birth only?. Or Is it possible to check aadhar card status by name ?. So Directly There is no option in uidai.gov.in Website to Check Status By Name Or By Date Of Birth. But We Are Going To Share a Little Working Trick here by which you can know your uidai gov aadhar status.

So If you have applied for aadhar card then you should have known your EID / enrollment number but incase if you have lost it then here we have little trick for you to retrieve it.  So, You can’t Check Status Without EID Number But if you don’t Have EID / Enrollment Number then you can retrive it. So when you will retrieve your EID Number You can check aadhar card Status By entering it. So follow these below given steps to check aadhar status by name or indirectly retrieve your EID.

Aadhar Card Enrollment Number Search By Name Name & Email

You Need Following Details to get your lost Enrollment Number / EID. You can search aadhar card enrollment number BY name Only. But you need to enter name correctly as you written in your aadhar card online application.

You will Need :-

  • Full Name (As you entered in application form of aadhar card)
  • Email Address (Registered)
  • Mobile Number (Registered)

Step 1 : First Of All Visit This Link and open it https://resident.uidai.gov.in/enrol-and-get-aadhaar (Link). There you will see web-page like below given image.

aadhar card status by name

Step 2 : Click On Retrieve Lost UID/EID Link Which is highlighted in the Above Given image.

Step 3 : Now You will see the webpage looks a like below given image. Enter the asked details like full name, email, mobile number and captcha code. Then Click On Send OTP Button After security code box.

aadhar card enrollment number search by name

Step 4 : You will receive opt in the mobile number you entered in the online application of aadhar card. Enter OTP in the right side and Click On Verify OTP Button,

Step 5 : Once OTP will Be verified you can get your enrollment number / EID written there.

Now When you have your enrollment number / Enrolment ID You can check the status either your aadhar card been issued or not by following this instruction. So indirectly you just checked your aadhar card status by name.


Aadhar Card Status Inquiry Phone Number : Call On This Phone Number To Check Status Of Aadhar card after online application

UIDAI Gov Has Established help centers and customer cares to answer the questions of people about aadhar card. So There is a phone number of aadhar card help center that can help you to Check Your status. You need to follow below given steps to check aadhar card status by Phone number.

How to check aadhar card status by Phone number ?
  • First Of All Dial “”1947″” From the registered mobile number. When your call will be received follow below given instruction.
  • You will be asked to select the language. Enter English or any of your native language like hindi, gujarati, marathi, punjabi.
  • Then You will be asked that “Press 1 If your enrollment is done online”. There Press 1 From Dial Pad.
  • Now You will be asked for “Check Your aadhar card status by pressing 1”  Also Press 1 There again
  • Now Enter Your Enrollment Number or EID From the slip you have received while you applied online.
  • Your aadhar card status will be spoken there and you will also get sms on registered phone number.

So these were few steps by which you check aadhar card status by phone number.

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