Download E Aadhar / Aadhar Card PDF Online By Aadhar Number :

Aadhar Card is consists of 12 digit number that is considered as a unique number for making an identification. Every Indian citizen had been issues with this unique identification number and is printed on the Aadhar card. The number serves a proof of identity, and its validity is universality accepted all over India. Government proceeding is often delayed for that reason the Aadhar Cards can be received by two procedures. Either the receiver can wait for the Aadhar card delivery by the India Post service or can also download the e-Aadhar from the website of UIDAI. In recent days majority of the population are proceeding with Aadhar Card download from the authentic UIDAI website for conveniences and emergency requirement. Both of the versions are accepted all over India and are valid throughout the country.

Downloading the E Aadhar Card By Aadhar Number From

These details is about to download the aadhar card / e aadhaar by aadhar number. If you want to keep eaadhaar pdf in your computer or in your smart phone then you need to download it from the website Actually you can download the aadhar card using 3 credentials like Virtual ID Number, Aadhar Number & Enrollment Number.

To download E aadhar using aadhar number you will need 3 form of information.

  1. Aadhar Number
  2. Full Name (As per aadhar card)
  3. Pin Code
  4. OTP on Registered Mobile Number

Steps To Download Aadhar Card or E Aadhar Using Aadhar Number

To Download the e aadhar the registered mobile number should be with you because you need to enter One time password or Time based One Time Password TOTP. Now if you are still confused then you can click on below given link and follow the below given steps. If you are not comfortable with the English then you can just follow these below given images / screen shots from the

Step 1: First of all visit (Link). You will find the below given box in the website named Aadhaar Enrolment.

E aadhar download

Step 2: There Click On “Download Aadhaar” link. You will see webpage like below given image.

aadhar card download by aadhar number

Step 3: To Download aadhaar card pdf using aadhaar Number you need to select Aadhaar Option Besides I Have Button.

Make Sure that The Aadhaar Option is selected.

Step 4: Enter Aadhaar Number in the first box, Full name as per aadhaar card in the second box and Pin Code of your address in third Box. Also Enter Security code / captcha code in the fourth Box.

Step 5: If you have installed mAadhaar App Then Click on the last box named “Yes, I Have TOTP. Do not send me OTP”.

If You Don’t Have mAadhaar Android App Then Click On Request OTP Button.

Step 6: Now Enter 8 Digit TOTP (incase if you have mAadhaar App) or 6 Digit OTP from Your Mobile Number.

OTP in eaadhaar Download

TOTP in aadhaar download

Step 7: Click on Download Aadhaar Button Below.

How To Find TOTP While Downloading Aadhaar Card or E Aadhar

TOTP is known as Time based One Time Password or simply Time Based OTP. If you are non technical person then its hard to learn and understand mechanism of totp. But Simply TOTP is one time password that lasts for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the TOTP will be reset and another TOTP will be generated. To Set your 2 factor authentication in aadhaar card using TOTP you need to follow below given steps.
Finding TOTP is Very very simple if you have android mobile. You Just need to follow these below given steps to find TOTP For Aadhar card download via Aadhar Number.
  • First Of All Download And Install mAadhaar App Using Playstore.
  • Now Register yourself in the app.
  • you will be asked for OTP For first and last time there.
  • Now you will see TOTP option In the app home page.

TOTP to download aadhar card using aadhaar number

  • Click on it and you will se 8 Digit TOTP. Using this you can login anytime without mobile SMS OTP.
So this was the whole procedure to download aadhaar card Using aadhar number. If you don’t have aadhar number then you can use VID or Enrolment ID To download aadhar card pdf online.

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